What Is It?

Michal Bluma

Our early decisions will dictate:

  • Wireframes
  • Designs
  • Page templates
  • Back-end code
  • Front-end code
  • Content entry

What are we dealing with?

books shoes cupcakes staff venues cats staplers events hi Roy beer Gilmore Girls episodes vegan poutine sofas exotic fish drain pipes ebooks greek gods DC superheroes math problems yoga poses sports memorabilia barware

How will we

Sort it?
Filter it?

Q & eh?

Figuring out the properties

number of pages? ISBN? author? difficulty? has been exorcised? hot / cold? level of fluffiness? vegan? available? colour? number of tentacles? child-proof? dimensions? gluten-free? weight? dishwasher-safe? multiplayer? declawed? BTUs? episode number? ?

An example:

a book

Think about